I’m just a middle-aged guy who’s rediscovered his love for speculative fiction and quiet, optimistic horror.   I like to talk science fiction, although I rarely write it.  But on the whole, I enjoy most things dubbed “sci-fi,” although I don’t care for cyberpunk, comics, post-apocalyptic fiction, and I hate vampires.  Overall, though, rejuvenating my passion for science fiction, fantasy and horror has been good for me.  You might call me a born-again geek.  Or you might call me “Shirley.”  And my goal is to make you laugh, which seldom works.  In fact, it usually results in my getting snorted at.  Or slapped.  Depending.

Besides “sci-fi” my hobbies and interests include college football, television, home improvement, creative writing, encyclopedias, maps, atlases, classic rock, Gnosticism, humor, history, beer, book-collecting, pencil-sketching, and sitting around certain dark bars discussing that which may not be spoken.

I’m a proud graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, one of the finest liberal arts universities in the country.

And I’m prouder still to be father to two extraordinary children who, like their dad, are as mad as hatters.

I’m married to a gorgeous woman who continually beats her head against the wall when I ask questions like, “Are we living inside a video game?” at black-tie cocktail parties.

That’s pretty much it.  In closing, always remember that you can skydive without a parachute; you just can’t do it twice.


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